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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.
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Apr 12, 2016

Joshua discusses diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and more, and he answers the following questions: What diet supplements are most effective? How does minimalism change your diet? What is on the grocery list of a minimalist? What are the most ideal exercises for a minimalist? Detailed show notes:

Apr 5, 2016

Ryan answers a bucketload of listener questions, including: How do you minimize social activities, but still participate enough socially to be beneficial? How do you respectfully turn down gifts? How do you determine what you can contribute to society that will add the most value? What do you do with pets that are no longer adding value to your life? Detailed show notes:

Mar 29, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss the perils of consumerism, and they answer the following questions: How do you ensure the clothing you buy was created responsibly? Where do you draw the line between spending more money for higher quality goods and getting sucked into consumerism? How can you be a fandom collector and still be a minimalist? How do you shop responsibly at warehouse club stores? Detailed show notes:

Mar 22, 2016

Joshua answers a slew of listener questions, including: How do you stay passionate when work and side projects are similar? How do you maintain minimalist practices in the whirlwind of college? How do you explain to loved ones you won't go into debt to buy gifts? Should you accept a new position that fits your passion but pays less? How do you keep from accumulating more stuff after a move? How do you tell loved ones you don't want physical gifts? Detailed show notes:

Mar 15, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss careers, jobs, passion, and the concept of having a “mission” in life, and they answer the following questions: How do you answer "Where do you see yourself in three to five years?" Are there scenarios where more is less? Do you have to make money from a passion? How do you quit your job but still have security? How did you transition from your corporate jobs to what you do today? How do you commit to a career choice? How do you ensure work duties don’t interfere with minimalist values? How do you not lose passion in your work? How do you balance passion and security during a health crisis? What are your views regarding ambition? Detailed show notes:

Mar 8, 2016

Joshua & Ryan talk about finances, and they answer the following questions: How do you pay down student loan debt with only a part-time job? How do you buy a house and stay debt-free? Should you use retirement funds to pay down school loan debt? How can you attend college without incurring debt? How can you adopt minimalism if you’re financially challenged? How can you afford to travel for pleasure when you earn less? How can you still enjoy life’s pleasures while paying down debt? Detailed show notes:

Mar 1, 2016

Joshua & Ryan talk about letting go of sentimental items, and they answer the following questions: What do you say to those that lost sentimental items involuntarily? What should you do with heirloom jewelry you’ll never wear? How do you get rid of sentimental tchotchkes? How do you help hoarders purge stuff without making them feel guilty? How do you prevent sentimental attachments to newly acquired items? Detailed show notes:

Feb 23, 2016

Joshua & Ryan answer a bunch of random questions about minimalism, including: What do you do about relationships you no longer want to invest in? How do you control your compulsion to buy clothes? How do you deal with the guilt you feel when purchasing things? How do you deal with people who say minimalism is wrong? How do you explain to people why it took you so long to finish college? How do you balance using tracking tools without getting overwhelmed? Have you ever felt regret after letting something go? Detailed show notes:

Feb 20, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss the “next steps” after removing the clutter, and they answer the following questions: What activities did you cut out when you adopted minimalism? Do you ever reach a plateau when getting rid of your stuff? How do you store paper documents as a minimalist? When does minimalism go too far? What’s next after everything is decluttered? Detailed show notes:

Feb 11, 2016

Joshua & Ryan talk about relationships, and they answer the following questions: How do I transition into minimalism and be mindful of my relationships? How do I tell those I enjoy giving gifts to that I don’t want any in return? How do I help my friends understand my new minimalist lifestyle? Where does minimalism end and negligence begin in relationships? How do I explain to friends and family that minimalism is not a fad? Detailed show notes:

Feb 5, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss the issues with “stuff,” and they answer the following questions: What do you do when the experiences you enjoy involve a lot of stuff? What do you carry with you every day? What do you think of the KonMari Method for decluttering? What suggestions do you have for stopping compulsive buying habits? Do you believe you should only own a certain amount of items? Detailed show notes:

Feb 2, 2016

Joshua & Ryan share a live Q&A event at which they wrestled with audience questions about minimalism, decluttering, passion, families, children, pets, clothes, finances, debt, mortgages, and much more. Detailed show notes:

Jan 31, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss priorities, and they answer the following listener questions: When minimizing possessions, how do you know when to stop? When donating time, how do you minimize duties and schedules? Detailed show notes:

Jan 26, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss the failures of the modern education system, and they answer the following listener questions: How do you get a decent college education as a minimalist? What are some alternative education options besides college? How do you avoid getting caught up in the “rat race” vibe from friends? How do you define success? Whom do you consider a success? Detailed show notes:


Jan 17, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss minimalism with children, and they answer the following listener questions: How do you battle the clutter that comes with kids? How do you convince loved ones to stop giving you physical gifts? How do you help family members adopt minimalism? How do you determine which items to keep “just in case”? What advice do you have for buying a new, clutterfree home? How do you declutter when your partner enjoys material possessions? How can minimalism aid in the recovery from addictions? How do you determine which books to keep and which to give away? How do you keep minimalism from becoming an obsessive lifestyle? Detailed show notes:


Jan 10, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss minimalism approaches to technology, and they attempt to answer the following questions: How do you minimize social media feeds and not miss important info? How do you minimize your online browsing habits? How do you apply minimalism to technology? How do you embrace minimalism when your partner has no interest? What advice do you have for artists overwhelmed by art supplies? What was the most difficult thing for you to get rid of? How do you expand your vocabulary? How do you explain you don’t want things for gifts, but experiences? Is it better to donate items or to sell them? What does value mean to you? The Five Values in your book Minimalism are health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution. If there was a sixth value, what would it be? Detailed show notes:


Jan 3, 2016

Joshua & Ryan discuss best practices for decluttering, and they attempt to answer the following questions: What is one thing you always thought you wanted, but then, once you got it, you no longer wanted it? How do you gradually declutter your home? How do you explain greed in our society? What do you do with old photos after you scan them? How do you deal with the natural pulling away from friends with different values? When is The Minimalists’ documentary coming out? What charities do The Minimalists support? Do The Minimalists gain any money from their website? Detailed show notes:


Dec 21, 2015

Joshua & Ryan discuss their personal stories, as well as the format of their new podcast. Detailed show notes:

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